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Buyers Rejoice! Ebay Loves Gold!

The price of gold is high these days. The metal is getting rarer and rarer and the poor economy is stimulating its growth in value. Well it seems that the folks at have noticed this and decided to take advantage of it. The infamous auction site has just launched a new section dedicated specifically Read more »

Tons of Cash for a Silver Dollar

The silver dollar was first utilized as currency in the United States in 1792 and it remained a viable means of purchasing things until 1965. The silver dollar was removed from United States mints due to the high costs of making them which was likely a good choice when considering how much someone can receive Read more »

Selling Silver: Taking Care of Your Silver

Remember how excited we are when we buy something brand new and shiny? We hurry to take it home planning to cherish it forever.  In the first couple weeks we are very careful with it and take care of it like it’s our baby, but as time progresses and the “newness” fades we don’t take Read more »

Titanium’s Value against Gold

A lot of people are wondering why titanium cost less as compared to gold. There are several people who put value on this metal but later on will find out that it doesn’t really cost that much. Titanium and gold are two unlike types of metals that are composed of different elements, and no matter Read more »

The Gold Standard