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Unexpected Professions That Are Paid in Gold

Gold used to be a common form of currency among many different countries.  From buying groceries to paying someone for work, gold coins and other form of gold was used over paper money.  However it has been over a century since the US was on the gold standard, and now ALL monetary transactions, payments and Read more »

Why Does The Price of Gold Go Up?

Poor Economy, Higher Value of Gold Many of you have probably noticed how the price and overall value has been increasingly rising as our economy has been floundering.  Households throughout the US have taken advantage of this discovery by finding dependable cash for gold NYC locations and selling their unwanted gold.  We all know that Read more »

Top 3 Types of Investment Gold for Syosset Buyers

Selling gold jewelry has become a popular way to gain extra cash these days, but gold in other forms reaps just as high of a return, if not more. Though gold investments for Syosset, NY gold buyers require a bit more industry knowledge than simply acquiring a valuable ring or necklace, there is plenty of cash to go around. Because gold Read more »

Selling Jewelry? These 5 Items Sell Quick

When it comes to selling jewelry, it’s best to evaluate what you have and compare it to what’s in demand. Though you may be ready to get rid of that gold bracelet you don’t wear anymore, be sure you can get a good sum for it. Jewelers want quality pieces – gold, diamonds, silver. But Read more »

Today’s Gold Price? There’s an App for That

Gold investors and tech junkies, you are officially on notice! Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. If you are constantly checking the price of gold, but are often out and about and would appreciate the convenience of quickly and easily pulling it up on your smart phone, there are a few companies out there who Read more »

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

You might have heard the phrase, “all that glitters is not gold”. It isn’t clear where exactly that phrase originated, but what is clear is that a truer phrase was never spoken. Many items that you think would be extremely valuable, appearing to be real and solid gold, turn out to be anything but. Gold Read more »

All I Want For Christmas…is Cash!

Maybe you’re really looking forward to Christmas: time with friends and family, great food, gifts, and just the general holiday good cheer. But maybe this year you’re a little stressed about money as you approach the Christmas season, wondering where you’re going to come up with the extra cash you need for presents and travel. Read more »

Selling Your Gold – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Today’s gold market may be described as the next big gold rush, and for good reason! With the price of gold being at its highest in years, many people are cashing in at a desirable rate. However, with this anticipated traffic comes a higher risk of swindle. Just taking your gold coins or jewelry to Read more »

World’s Largest Diamonds Part II

We’ve looked at 5 of the world’s largest diamonds, now we’ll look at the last 5; the biggest, most prized diamonds on the list. 5. The Great Mogul Diamond: At 780 carats uncut, this diamond has been lost to history. The cut diamond was reported to be 280 carats. Many believe that this diamond was Read more »

Black Friday 2011: Selling Gold for Cash

It’s that time of year again: time to stuff yourself with turkey, watch football, and get to bed early (or not at all). You know what I’m talking about. Black Friday 2011 will be quickly upon us. It’s the time to get the best deals on everything for everyone on your Christmas list. But if Read more »

The Gold Standard