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Sell Gold Long Island: The Reverse Midas Touch

You might be familiar with the legend of King Midas, who wished for an incredible gift: the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. He used his gift to turn various things he came into contact with into solid gold. Do you wish you had the same miraculous ability? Would it be totally surprising Read more »

Sell Gold Before It’s Too Late!

You might have heard about how high gold prices are these days. That’s fantastic news for many reasons. It means that now is a great time to sell gold on Long Island. But there’s plenty of time to wait before coming in to sell your gold, right? Well, not necessarily. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

World’s Largest Diamonds Part II

We’ve looked at 5 of the world’s largest diamonds, now we’ll look at the last 5; the biggest, most prized diamonds on the list. 5. The Great Mogul Diamond: At 780 carats uncut, this diamond has been lost to history. The cut diamond was reported to be 280 carats. Many believe that this diamond was Read more »

The Gold Standard