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How to Sell Diamonds The Smart Way

Selling your unwanted diamonds can be an easy way to earn some extra cash.  But sellers beware, without the proper knowledge on how to sell your diamonds, you run the risk of getting ripped off.  If you’re planning to sell your diamonds to a diamond buyer, keep in mind these helpful tips! 1. Determine how Read more »

Gold Colors: What to Look for When Selling Jewelry

Gold, in its truest form, has always been the epitome of wealth and luxury. Gold jewelry has adorned ears, necks, fingers, and wrists for centuries and has been one of the most preferred metals for jewelry. Throughout the ages yellow gold in its most natural state reigned supreme against any other metal. However, modern trends Read more »

The Search For The Right Diamond Buyer

Letting go of a precious diamond because you need cash is in itself a very emotional decision. A diamond piece of jewelry, a ring or a necklace for example, usually has sentimental value. It may be a gift from a loved one or an heirloom. But no matter how much you’d want to hold on Read more »

Selling Jewelry? These 5 Items Sell Quick

When it comes to selling jewelry, it’s best to evaluate what you have and compare it to what’s in demand. Though you may be ready to get rid of that gold bracelet you don’t wear anymore, be sure you can get a good sum for it. Jewelers want quality pieces – gold, diamonds, silver. But Read more »

Selling Diamonds? Know Their Value

Selling diamonds that you own can sometimes be a hard decision. They may have been a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation, a gift from a person you cared about, or you may have just found it. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to get some extra money.  When selling diamonds it is Read more »

All I Want For Christmas…is Cash!

Maybe you’re really looking forward to Christmas: time with friends and family, great food, gifts, and just the general holiday good cheer. But maybe this year you’re a little stressed about money as you approach the Christmas season, wondering where you’re going to come up with the extra cash you need for presents and travel. Read more »

World’s Largest Diamonds Part II

We’ve looked at 5 of the world’s largest diamonds, now we’ll look at the last 5; the biggest, most prized diamonds on the list. 5. The Great Mogul Diamond: At 780 carats uncut, this diamond has been lost to history. The cut diamond was reported to be 280 carats. Many believe that this diamond was Read more »

World’s Largest Diamonds Part I

If you’re hunting up diamonds for yourself or your significant other, you probably know by now that the average diamond engagement ring weighs in at about .5 carats. Larger diamonds, aside from Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 carat engagement ring, aren’t typically worn on the hand. Many are a part of the Crown Jewels in different countries like Read more »

Diamonds on the Upswing

For a long time, diamonds were considered to have little resale value. Many stores that buy gold and silver actually turned customers with diamonds away. But no more. Because of the economic downturn, many pawnshops and jewelry stores are now taking in diamonds because the wholesale price for them has gone up 30 percent in the last Read more »

Selling Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are sometimes considered impure, and therefore not valuable in a market that prefers transparent diamonds. They are becoming somewhat popular, but the truth is that colored diamonds ARE impure. Colored diamonds are the result of diamond populations mixing with or becoming contaminated by certain elements in nature. Different elements and contaminants result in Read more »

The Gold Standard