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Gold Bullion Collection: Hobby or Investment?

Looking up to pick up a new hobby that will help you gain a net profit?  Consider collecting and buying gold coins!  People worldwide often collect gold coins, also known as bullions.  Some collect these bullions purely as a hobby, while some buy and sell gold coins to make a profit in the long run.  Read more »

Black Friday 2011: Selling Gold for Cash

It’s that time of year again: time to stuff yourself with turkey, watch football, and get to bed early (or not at all). You know what I’m talking about. Black Friday 2011 will be quickly upon us. It’s the time to get the best deals on everything for everyone on your Christmas list. But if Read more »

Gold Prospecting in New York

New York Gold Prospecting Although there seems to be no commercial value in mining for gold in New York, there is still enough to intrigue gold prospectors. New York has never been known as a major gold fever location. Due to the lack of multitudes of gold and stringent land laws, the history of prospecting gold in Read more »

The Gold Standard