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Are You a Smart Shopper? What You Should Buy at a Pawn Shop

3 Things to Buy from a Pawn Shop People always have a negative connotation attached with the word “pawn shop”.  Contrary to popular belief, licensed and well-performing pawn shops on Long Island have professional salesmen and owners.  In your head, you’re probably imagining some old guy with a beer belly holding a can of bud Read more »

Pawn Shops on Long Island: To Pawn or Not to Pawn

When to pawn your items and when not to is a important decision you will have to face. Here’s a quick guide for things to keep in mind when considering pawn shops on Long Island.   What to Pawn First you will need to determine what, if anything, you would like to get rid of, Read more »

Not All NY Pawn Shops Are the Same

For many people, pawn shops are the last resort to get much needed cash. Many pawn shops have received a reputation for “scam” like behavior.  The Gold Standard, New York’s #1 cash pawn shop, wants to prove to you that we are not a place where you will be tricked or scammed. One of the ways to show Read more »

The Gold Standard