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Shocking Cash for Gold Investigations

Out of Bakersfield, CA an eyewitness news team did an investigative report on the cash for gold market and some of the findings are shocking.  The team took a gold ring and had it weighed, tested, and appraised by a trusted jeweler.  The team then took the ring to several cash for gold businesses.  The Read more »

Get Back Your Spent Valentine’s Day Cash

Buying flowers, jewelry, and candy for your loved ones isn’t cheap.  Now that Valentine’s Day is over are you looking for ways to recoup some of that cash you spent?  Many people aren’t sure what to do with old jewelry from past relationships or jewelry from good intentioned partners that doesn’t quite match their style.  Read more »

Top 5 Gold Party Misconceptions

A lot of misconceptions surround gold parties but we’re here to clear things up and debunk the myths.  Here are the top 5 gold party misconceptions: You can only bring gold to a gold party.  WRONG!  Although gold parties are primarily for individuals to make money by selling their gold items we will also buy Read more »

Upturn in the Gold Market

The demand for gold continues to grow and production around the world has increased as companies are trying to keep up!  The Royal Mint has recently had to double their production of coins.  Even investment firms are struggling to launch new funds for a demanding public.  This all comes as gold tops out at a Read more »

The Gold Standard