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Why Does The Price of Gold Go Up?

Poor Economy, Higher Value of Gold Many of you have probably noticed how the price and overall value has been increasingly rising as our economy has been floundering.  Households throughout the US have taken advantage of this discovery by finding dependable cash for gold NYC locations and selling their unwanted gold.  We all know that Read more »

The Best Ways to Buy Gold for Investing

While The Gold Standard specializes in buying old gold jewelry, we’re always happy to pass along some good advice! If you’re interested in investing in gold, here’s some useful information below You may have heard the phrase, “all that glitters is gold.”  While this sentiment may not necessarily be true, it is accurate that the Read more »

All that Glitters is Gold: Extra Cash for the Holidays

If you’re like me you start the process of thinking about what gifts to give in October. This year, many families are faced with the problem of not only what to give, but how to afford to give it. And none of us want to be accused of being a Scrooge because we’re pinching pennies Read more »

Not All NY Pawn Shops Are the Same

For many people, pawn shops are the last resort to get much needed cash. Many pawn shops have received a reputation for “scam” like behavior.  The Gold Standard, New York’s #1 cash pawn shop, wants to prove to you that we are not a place where you will be tricked or scammed. One of the ways to show Read more »

Inflation Signals Gold Selling Time

Gold prices appreciate a lot. The gold necklace our grandparents bought for $25 years ago may cost more than $1,000 now, when you have them appraised.

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