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Today’s Gold Price? There’s an App for That

Gold investors and tech junkies, you are officially on notice! Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. If you are constantly checking the price of gold, but are often out and about and would appreciate the convenience of quickly and easily pulling it up on your smart phone, there are a few companies out there who Read more »

Gold is All the Craze and So Are Gold Parties!

You’ve seen the commercials and you’ve passed by all the pawn shops. It seems that selling and buying gold is all the rage. This is because gold prices actually are very high and many people are looking to cash in. If you’re interested in receiving a higher payout for your gold than all those dime-a-dozen Read more »

Gold Prices Sink Due to Rising World Issues

Gold prices went down to the $1395.70 level per ounce which is $33 lower than its previous price. This downfall in price can be attributed to the news that has been circulating regarding world issues. One of the main issues that have affected the price of gold is the nuclear catastrophe in Japan which gave Read more »

Rise in Gold prices

Due to the fear about the hurricane season which influences the cost not just of oil, but of commodities such as natural gas, gold prices have started to climb up. The US government said that the hurricane season, which begins on June 1, could be “one of the most active seasons on record”. At the Read more »

The Gold Standard