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The Best Ways to Buy Gold for Investing

While The Gold Standard specializes in buying old gold jewelry, we’re always happy to pass along some good advice! If you’re interested in investing in gold, here’s some useful information below You may have heard the phrase, “all that glitters is gold.”  While this sentiment may not necessarily be true, it is accurate that the Read more »

Does a Stabilizing Economy Mean Dropping Gold Prices?

Will gold prices drop? The head of the Fed recently released a statement that the recession was drawing to a close.  Although it will take months for the economy to stabilize it was wonderful news for everyone around the world. This does leave the question of what will happen to markets such as the gold Read more »

Upturn in the Gold Market

The demand for gold continues to grow and production around the world has increased as companies are trying to keep up!  The Royal Mint has recently had to double their production of coins.  Even investment firms are struggling to launch new funds for a demanding public.  This all comes as gold tops out at a Read more »

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