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Japan Turns Trash Into Treasure

According to the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry 22 kilograms of gold, worth about $785,000, was recovered from discarded cell phones collected in a campaign by the Japanese government.  The 22 kilograms of gold came from approximately 567,000 cell phones in an effort to recycle precious and rare metals in electronics.  In addition to the Read more »

Top 5 Gold Party Misconceptions

A lot of misconceptions surround gold parties but we’re here to clear things up and debunk the myths.  Here are the top 5 gold party misconceptions: You can only bring gold to a gold party.  WRONG!  Although gold parties are primarily for individuals to make money by selling their gold items we will also buy Read more »

Selling Gold and Silver Items You Didn’t Know You Had

Although most people immediately think of jewelry when they think of selling gold and silver items, historically many items have been made with precious metals and have value.  Items such as dinnerware, candelabras, serving plates, and other household items may have gold or silver content that can be sold. While gathering items to bring in Read more »

The Gold Standard