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The Value of Gold Yesterday & Today

The value of gold today has increased drastically in comparison to the value of gold back in the 1920s.  Customers who are interested in selling gold at cash for gold stores always have the same question” why is it that such a small amount of gold is worth so much?”.  There is a historical and Read more »

Gold & Gold Jewelry Among Different Cultures

Gold, in its purist form is vibrant yellow in color and extremely soft. Pure gold is so soft that it cannot be used unless combined with other metal alloys.  The amount of pure gold in the alloy is measured in Carats as indicated by “k”. Usually the following carats are used: 24 Carats-(pure gold), 22k, Read more »

Top 3 Types of Investment Gold for Syosset Buyers

Selling gold jewelry has become a popular way to gain extra cash these days, but gold in other forms reaps just as high of a return, if not more. Though gold investments for Syosset, NY gold buyers require a bit more industry knowledge than simply acquiring a valuable ring or necklace, there is plenty of cash to go around. Because gold Read more »

The Gold Standard