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The Value of Gold Yesterday & Today

The value of gold today has increased drastically in comparison to the value of gold back in the 1920s.  Customers who are interested in selling gold at cash for gold stores always have the same question” why is it that such a small amount of gold is worth so much?”.  There is a historical and Read more »

Gold & Gold Jewelry Among Different Cultures

Gold, in its purist form is vibrant yellow in color and extremely soft. Pure gold is so soft that it cannot be used unless combined with other metal alloys.  The amount of pure gold in the alloy is measured in Carats as indicated by “k”. Usually the following carats are used: 24 Carats-(pure gold), 22k, Read more »

How to Find Great Cash For Gold Stores

Selling your gold is becoming a commonly accepted practice.  With more people willing to sell their gold there is naturally a growth in the number of gold buyers and cash for gold locations.  ***However, not all cash for gold stores are fair and honest.  Entrepreneurs have caught onto the fact that people are more eager Read more »

How Getting Organized Can Get You Cash

With the start of the new year, it’s time to get organized. Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions is to clean, sort, and get rid of things you no longer want or use. And while this might bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction, unless you’re a professional organizer, there isn’t much of Read more »

Cash for Gold and The Wonderful World of Gold

Gold is a wonderful and magnificent metal.  Gold has been around for thousands of years and has had practical applications other than people being able to get cash for gold.  Although the ability to get cash for gold is nice, there are some other things that gold can do that are innovative and exciting. Medicine Read more »

All I Want For Christmas…is Cash!

Maybe you’re really looking forward to Christmas: time with friends and family, great food, gifts, and just the general holiday good cheer. But maybe this year you’re a little stressed about money as you approach the Christmas season, wondering where you’re going to come up with the extra cash you need for presents and travel. Read more »

Cash for Gold: It’s Like Magic!

When was the last time you went to a magic show? I’m guessing it was either when you were little and saw a magician at a birthday party, or perhaps it’s been more recently, as an adult in Vegas. Either way, what sticks out in your memory? What were the most entrancing tricks, the ones Read more »

Not All NY Pawn Shops Are the Same

For many people, pawn shops are the last resort to get much needed cash. Many pawn shops have received a reputation for “scam” like behavior.  The Gold Standard, New York’s #1 cash pawn shop, wants to prove to you that we are not a place where you will be tricked or scammed. One of the ways to show Read more »

Buying Gold Jewelry: Know Your Gold

From ancient kings to pirates to modern day women and men, it is safe to say that everyone loves gold.  One of the main reasons for the interest in gold is its versatility and the seemingly infinite variations possible.  Gold is one of the most favored selections for wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Because Read more »

Buy Gold New York: What’s at the End of Your Rainbow?

During this economic hardship, most of us have had to face the facts: everything is not butterflies and rainbows, and there certainly isn’t a pot of gold waiting at the end of it either. Or maybe there is. Many of us have that hidden stash of heirloom jewelry we would never dream of wearing—an old Read more »

The Gold Standard