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Brooklyn Diamond Buyer

Brooklyn Diamond Buyer: They say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Your best friend when you are looking for a Brooklyn diamond buyer is The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers. We are the premiere diamond buyer in Brooklyn, bar none.  With 18 locations throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, we have the Read more »

Best Place to Sell Gold In Long Island

Best Place to Sell Gold In Long Island: Yet again, The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers has been ranked the bet place to sell gold on Long Island by the Long Island Press!  We are honored that so many people voted for us a third year in a row, and would like to thank Read more »

Sell Gold in Queens

Are you trying to Sell Gold in Queens? Selling gold in Queens NY seems like it might be a breeze; every corner store and hair salon seems to have a sign that claims “We Buy Gold.”  But selling gold requires a level of trust greater than just walking into a store and buying a pair Read more »

Gold Buyers In Queens

Gold Buyers In Queens: The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is the premier destination to sell gold in Queens. Our expertly trained buyers guaranty that you will have the highest offer for your gold valuables when compared to any of the other gold buyers in Queens. If you are unsure of the quality of your gold, our buyers will test Read more »

Cash For Gold Queens NY

Cash For Gold Queens NY: Need Cash for gold in Queens NY? Are you looking to get  cash  for your gold? The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is the standard bearer for cash  for your gold. We pride ourselves in  our hospitality and customer service throughout our Queens, NY and Long Island locations. Whether you are looking to sell your Read more »

24 Hour Pawn Shop Long Island

24 Hour Pawn Shop Long Island: Are you looking for a safe and secure location on Long Island to pawn your valuables? The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is the top rated destination for pawns on Long Island. We are not a 24 Hour Pawn Shop Long Island - because we believe the security of our customers is tantamount. Having to Read more »

Where to Sell Gold in Queens, New York

Where to Sell Gold in Queens, NY Do you know where to sell gold in Queens, New York? If you need a reliable place to sell gold in Queens, NY The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers of Queens is here for you! Our staff is highly trained to ensure you get the best service and highest price when it comes Read more »

Platinum’s Presence Throughout History

Platinum became rather prominent and grew in popularity after the discovery of the largest platinum mine in South Africa, around the mid 1920s.  A couple years after the discovery of the mine, platinum became all the rage in Hollywood.  In both movies and in real life, platinum was a symbol of high society, adornment for Read more »

FAQ for How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry Part 2

As previously discussed in Part 1 of “FAQ for How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry”, selling valuable jewelry can net you a huge profit in today’s economy.  Businesses left and right are popping up to catch on this money tidal wave.  To get the most out of the gold or silver you want to sell, Read more »

How Getting Organized Can Get You Cash

With the start of the new year, it’s time to get organized. Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions is to clean, sort, and get rid of things you no longer want or use. And while this might bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction, unless you’re a professional organizer, there isn’t much of Read more »

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