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From Gold Parties to Tea Parties – Host A Springtime Party!

The months of Winter are usually long, cold and dreary.  One of the best ways to celebrate Spring and warmer weather is by having a springtime party and celebration.  Here are some fabulous ideas to spring you into shorts, flip-flops, longer days, blooming flowers and plenty of sunshine! Spring Fever: Have you been counting down Read more »

How to Get The Best Gold Prices with DIY Gold Test

Perhaps you have a box full of scrap gold, miscellaneous broken gold jewelry or mismatched jewelry, you are trying to sell.  Naturally, if you are trying to make a profit, you want to determine the best gold prices.  Some gold buyers will try to scam you of your money so it’s always best to know Read more »

FAQ for How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry Part 2

As previously discussed in Part 1 of “FAQ for How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry”, selling valuable jewelry can net you a huge profit in today’s economy.  Businesses left and right are popping up to catch on this money tidal wave.  To get the most out of the gold or silver you want to sell, Read more »

Famous Buried Treasure Finds

Few experiences could top the excitement of finding a buried treasure. For many years, this reward has been the subject of cartoons, books and major motion pictures. However, there are some exceptionally lucky souls who can attest to the prideful feeling of finding a significant buried treasure. Staffordshire Hoard When Terry Herbert used a metal Read more »

FAQ for How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Selling your scrap jewelry or unwanted and unused jewelry is the trend–and for good reason.  Because of today’s economy, people who sell their gold or sell jewelry are making a sizable amount from each sale. If you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, it’s within your best interest to ask some important questions of how Read more »

Could Your Rolex Be Fake? “Pawn Stars” 10 Ways to Spot a Fake

World of Pawning For all you history buffs who love to watch The History Channel, perhaps you’ve come across the show “Pawn Stars”.  “Pawn Stars” is a reality TV show documenting the day to day activities of a pawn shop in Las Vegas.  It gives people an idea of how pawn shops work, what type Read more »

How to Sell Diamonds The Smart Way

Selling your unwanted diamonds can be an easy way to earn some extra cash.  But sellers beware, without the proper knowledge on how to sell your diamonds, you run the risk of getting ripped off.  If you’re planning to sell your diamonds to a diamond buyer, keep in mind these helpful tips! 1. Determine how Read more »

Selling Luxury Watches: Are You Wasting Your Money and Time?

Are you investing in luxury watches expecting to make a profit?  Investing in luxury watches can go both ways.  It can either be a waste of money or it can bring in money.  If you are serious about making a profit buying and selling luxury watches, you must be educated on what types of watches Read more »

Are You a Smart Shopper? What You Should Buy at a Pawn Shop

3 Things to Buy from a Pawn Shop People always have a negative connotation attached with the word “pawn shop”.  Contrary to popular belief, licensed and well-performing pawn shops on Long Island have professional salesmen and owners.  In your head, you’re probably imagining some old guy with a beer belly holding a can of bud Read more »

Why Does The Price of Gold Go Up?

Poor Economy, Higher Value of Gold Many of you have probably noticed how the price and overall value has been increasingly rising as our economy has been floundering.  Households throughout the US have taken advantage of this discovery by finding dependable cash for gold NYC locations and selling their unwanted gold.  We all know that Read more »

The Gold Standard