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Selling Gold QueensYou might have heard about how high gold prices are these days. That’s fantastic news for many reasons. It means that now is a great time to sell gold on Long Island. But there’s plenty of time to wait before coming in to sell your gold, right? Well, not necessarily.

When it comes to selling your unwanted gold jewelry or other items, waiting could be extremely costly. Why is this the case? Because just like any commodity, the price of gold could fluctuate dramatically. The consequences of waiting to sell your gold could be dire. How bad are we talking here?

Let’s say the price of gold dips drastically. The unwanted gold you have now, which is extremely valuable when taking the historical value of gold into consideration, could be worth a half, or even a third, of what it is today if you wait. Since no one has a crystal ball to gaze into to see the future, not selling your gold today could be a very expensive mistake.

You might be holding on to your gold to see if prices will rise even higher than the record highs they have reached within the last six months. Is it possible that gold prices will continue to climb? Certainly. But the recent trend in gold price has been downward. It could spike back up, but why take your chances?

The Gold Standard makes it very easy for you to cash in on high gold prices before it’s too late.  All you have to do is stop by any of our convenient locations on Long Island and Queens to receive the highest payout for your gold. We actually guarantee that! We know you’re busy and the last thing you need is to spend time shopping around to different gold buyers. Our price match guarantee ensures that you’ll get the highest prices for your unwanted gold anywhere. So before it’s too late, bring in your gold today to get cash on the spot!

Image courtesy D’Arcy Norman on Flickr.

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