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Gold and Gold Jewelry at Ridiculous Prices from a Vending Machine

Remember when you were a kid and you dumped a bunch of quarters into a vending machine to try to get that exact piece of plastic jewelry that was advertised on the front of the machine? Remember when you wish you could use a credit card to get real jewelry made with gold, diamonds, or silver from vending machines at ridiculous prices? I sure do, and the Gitanjali Group in India has finally made that dream come true.

Apparently, companies have been selling extravagant vending machines that dispense gold bars and gems for several years without my knowledge, but it wasn’t until recently until that it was taken a step farther. The Gitanjali Group has just unveiled the first ever jewelry dispensing ‘ATM’ as a tribute to the growing economic success of India. Diamond, silver, and gold jewelry at prices from $20 – $610 are dispensed from the machine as are bars of gold and silver, like in the machines it is based on. Customers select the product they want from a touch screen and pay with a credit or debit card.  But wait until you hear why the company built the machine.

The company stated that the machines are of special significance to people of the Indian culture because the people of India get their loved ones jewelry to observe traditions on special days. This is, of course, not true for people in other countries who get their loved ones wet noodles on special occasions.  However, the company also stated that the machines have jewelry available for men who forget their wife’s birthday or anniversary, which is the icing on the cake. Imagine coming home to your wife on her birthday and giving her a gold chain that you got from a vending machine at the mall on the way back from work. What a great husband you are. Jerk.

The next logical step can only be the inclusion of Happy Meals in the deal. ‘Are you hungry AND a bad husband? Well now we have a solution for that!’ Anyways, I’m sure there are tons of people out there who think these machines are a wonderful idea. Interested in selling gold jewelry in Merrick, NY? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.  What do you think about the jewelry dispensing machine?

Image courtesy of calflier001/Some Rights Reserved

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