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We’ve looked at 5 of the world’s largest diamonds, now we’ll look at the last 5; the biggest, most prized diamonds on the list.

5. The Great Mogul Diamond: At 780 carats uncut, this diamond has been lost to history. The cut diamond was reported to be 280 carats. Many believe that this diamond was turned in to the famous Orlov diamond (number 10 on our previous list), and re-cut so as to be unrecognizable.

4. The Spirit of Grisogono Diamond: the world’s largest cut black diamond. Uncut, it was approximately 587 carats. It was found in Africa and taken back to Switzerland by jeweler De Grisogono. The diamond was cut into its current mogul-shape and placed into a white gold ring. It currently weighs 312.24 carats, and is surrounded by 702 smaller diamonds, totaling 39.69 carats.

3. The Nizam Diamond: Very little is known about this diamond aside from it’s origins, carats, and estimated value. It was found in the Kollur Mines of India and said to weigh 340 carats. The diamond was an almond shape and if had not been lost to history, would be estimated today at around $5 million.

2. The Incomparable Diamond: This amazing brown diamond was found by a little girl playing in rubble outside of her uncle’s house in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in the 1980′s. In it’s rough state, the diamond weighed 890 carats. After being purchased by De Beers, the diamond was cut into a 407 carat, oddly shaped almond and placed in a gold stand. 14 smaller fragments were taken as well, the largest being 15 carats. It has been put up for auction several times, including once in Nov. 2002 on eBay for $15 million. Louis Glick is said to own the diamond today.

1. The Golden Jubilee Diamond: The largest diamond ever cut. It’s uncut weight was 755.5 carats, when found in the Premier Mines of South Africa in 1985. As a brown diamond, it was considered ugly by some and was given to De Beers to be used to test new experimental diamond cutting tools. The result was a stunning cushion shaped brown diamond. It has been blessed by John Paul II, the Supreme Bhuddist Patriarch, and the Supreme Imam while in Thailand. It was named by and given to  King Bhumibol Adulyadej for his 50th coronation anniversary. It has traveled the world on exhibit, but currently resides in the Royal Thai palace as part of the Crown Jewels.

Presumably, you don’t own any diamonds in your jewelry box that are this large. If you do, well, let’s just say I’m impressed. But, if you do own any diamonds that you might like to sell, or are interested in a chance to sell gold, check out my friends at Happy Hunting!

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