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Selling Colored Diamonds

The Aurora Colored Diamond Collection that features diamonds of every color of the rainbow.

Colored diamonds are sometimes considered impure, and therefore not valuable in a market that prefers transparent diamonds. They are becoming somewhat popular, but the truth is that colored diamonds ARE impure. Colored diamonds are the result of diamond populations mixing with or becoming contaminated by certain elements in nature. Different elements and contaminants result in different colors. This does not mean that colored diamonds are less rare than ‘pure’ diamonds or that they’re any less amazing. It simply means that they must be graded on a separate scale.

Most ‘pure’ diamonds are graded on a scale that takes into account the yellow colored impurities that plague many near-colorless diamonds. When a diamond colony is exposed to nitrogen stores, it sometimes becomes contaminated, creating a yellow diamond or a diamond with yellow tints. Selling pale yellow diamonds is not something that is often done because diamonds of this hue are simply considered low-grade, impure variations on ‘pure’ diamonds. Brown diamonds can also result from this process and are also considered very low grade, but jewelers have recently begun selling these as ‘chocolate diamonds’. Bright yellow diamonds are considered to be worth more and are often sold for a high price. However, because colorless diamonds are rarer than yellow ones, and in higher demand, colorless diamonds are often sold for more. There are colored diamonds that are considered more valuable than colorless diamonds though.

The rarest colored diamonds are the blue and red ones. Blue diamonds are created when pure diamonds are contaminated with boron, while red/pink diamonds are the result of structural anomalies that start at the formation of the diamonds. Light blue and pink diamonds are very rare and are sold for very high prices. However, colored diamonds, other than yellow ones, are graded differently than colorless diamonds. The hue of a diamond often determines its value when selling it. Because of this, deep blue diamonds, like the famous Hope Diamond, and red diamonds are worth much more and are sold at much higher prices.

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