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Sell Silver Long IslandRemember how excited we are when we buy something brand new and shiny? We hurry to take it home planning to cherish it forever.  In the first couple weeks we are very careful with it and take care of it like it’s our baby, but as time progresses and the “newness” fades we don’t take care of it like we should.  I see this happening with electronics and jewelry.  If you were given a piece of gold or silver jewelry it is important to take care and preserve its quality, especially if you are planning on someday selling silver or gold you have.
 The appearance and quality of a piece of silver can be determined by how well you have maintained the silver.  If you take some time to properly care for and clean your silver, it will be valuable for a lifetime. Silver is a type of malleable metal, meaning it is very bendable and soft, making it prone to developing a sheen over time and usage.  This means that eventually, your silver may get slightly discolored when mixed with sulfurous compounds in the environment.  To prevent your silver from tarnishing, it is advised to keep it away from things high in acidic content, such as onions, tomatoes, olives, vinegar, eggs, and salt.
Because of how malleable silver is, items composed of it are more susceptible to getting scratched.  When you plan to clean your piece of silver, opt for cleaners that are gentle.  Silver can be washed with warm water and some sort of gentle detergent using your hands.  Once you have washed it, silver should not remain in a moist or damp location because that will cause the silver to tarnish more quickly. Many people hear about polishing silver but they never really take the time to.  With silver pieces that are frequently used, it is advised to polish and clean it at least a couple times a year.  There are certain polishing creams that are used for making your silver shine brighter by removing the tarnish.  Usually just a simple sponge and cream can be used to clean the piece of silver. After the silver is polished, it should be washed with a gentle detergent, rinsed, and dried.  Believe it or not, silver is also less prone to being tarnished if it is worn on a daily basis (as long as you are not exposing it to an acidic environment).

Image Courtesy Creative Commons License: listentoreason

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