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Ring in the holiday cheer with gold partiesWith the holidays steadily approaching, the party season is also swinging into action. Pour yourself a nice cup of eggnog, slice off some extra pumpkin pie, and listen closely. There’s a new way to create an evening full of fun with friends and family while making money! Since 2007, gold parties have become a growing trend that has attracted many party goers and hosts alike. Gold parties are great for the busy holiday season because they require little to no planning.

The Gold Standard will schedule the event for you, provide money for food and drinks, and even give you E-invites to send out! You and your friends are encouraged to bring all your unwanted gold and silver to the party, where the host will then weigh it out and give you cash in hand! A gold and silver party can be an easy way to supplement your income and get rid of jewelry you will never wear again. That’s definitely a party to be remembered. Not only that, if you decide to host your own gold and silver party, you’ll make 10% of the sales. Unlike other parties where you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars entertaining your friends, this is a party where you actually make money!

So when you’re looking for a way to bring in that holiday cheer, consider hosting a gold and silver themed party. The Gold Standard has hosted numerous successful parties and will be happy to answer any questions you have. We want to make sure your party is exciting and memorable. Contact The Gold Standard and host a gold and silver party this season!

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