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Pawn Shops Step Up to Replace Banks

In today’s economy, it is difficult for many people to remain a part of their banks. The recent trend towards charging consumers for their debit card usage as well as the lack of support for loans are making it hard for people to stay with any particular bank. Thankfully, Credit Unions and Pawn Shops have Read more »

Ring in Some Holiday Cheer by Hosting a Gold Party

With the holidays steadily approaching, the party season is also swinging into action. Pour yourself a nice cup of eggnog, slice off some extra pumpkin pie, and listen closely. There’s a new way to create an evening full of fun with friends and family while making money! Since 2007, gold parties have become a growing Read more »

We Buy Gold New York: Pharoah-Approved!

Since the ancient world, gold has been a monetary median of exchange in many ways. The mention of gold first appeared in hieroglyphs as early as 2600 B.C. By 1500 B.C., gold was being used for international trade. This gold could be found in Nubia, a sub-Saharan empire on the Nile just south of Egypt. Read more »

Sell Silver Forest Hills NY

We’ve all the seen commercials and heard the buzz about selling and buying gold. Many people have received great results from selling their gold and silver. This is because the value of gold and silver is high while the value of the dollar is low. The truth is, the economy is affecting everyone, and that’s Read more »

Forest Hills, Say Hello to Gold

 Forest Hills, New York. A community that is constantly growing and changing. Also listed as 2007′s “Best Community” according to Cottage Living Magazine. But realistically, whether you live in the wealthier parts of town or are middle class, we all are feeling the effects of the economy. It’s not just New York – it’s everywhere. Read more »

Sell Gold Syosset: Not Just Home to Celebs!

Live in the Syosset area and interested in selling your unwanted gold and silver items? Here’s an interesting background to a town where you can not only sell your gold and silver, but be starstruck as well! Syosset, New York, should just change it’s name to Celebrity Hometown for Hollywood. Syosset is home to many Read more »

Not All NY Pawn Shops Are the Same

For many people, pawn shops are the last resort to get much needed cash. Many pawn shops have received a reputation for “scam” like behavior.  The Gold Standard, New York’s #1 cash pawn shop, wants to prove to you that we are not a place where you will be tricked or scammed. One of the ways to show Read more »

Buying Gold Jewelry: Know Your Gold

From ancient kings to pirates to modern day women and men, it is safe to say that everyone loves gold.  One of the main reasons for the interest in gold is its versatility and the seemingly infinite variations possible.  Gold is one of the most favored selections for wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.  Because Read more »

Gold is All the Craze and So Are Gold Parties!

You’ve seen the commercials and you’ve passed by all the pawn shops. It seems that selling and buying gold is all the rage. This is because gold prices actually are very high and many people are looking to cash in. If you’re interested in receiving a higher payout for your gold than all those dime-a-dozen Read more »

Don’t Underestimate Your Metal: Easy Steps to Find and Sell Platinum

Platinum is one of the most overlooked yet valuable items on the market today. Oddly enough, platinum is actually very rare: 35% more rare than gold. Many people consider platinum to be a “new” metal, however the first use of it is recorded in an inlay in ancient Egypt. Even the Egyptians didn’t know what Read more »

The Gold Standard