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Far too many leaders think that management training is a waste of money. Nothing could be further from the truth effective management training efforts and leadership training programs are one of the most cost effective change management strategies a company can implement.

Such leadership development efforts are cost effective because an organization does not need to spend money and resources trying to recruit managers. Quite a few agencies and companies end up wasting limited budgets in an effort to bring an effective manager who will solve their problems.

Yet they ignore the experienced and capable sitting right there in their own offices. They pass over creative and intelligent individuals that know the organization, know the business, understand the technology and have a good relationship with customers and stakeholders for a stranger.

In many cases the outside manager plans only to stay for a short period of time until something better comes along. Inside candidates are more likely to stay with the company for the long haul and implement term strategies of change management. Contrary to popular belief, outsiders are often more likely to preserve the status quo because it will look good on their resume. Or worse they will implement a new change of direction then walk out the door leaving a confused mess in their wakes.

That means companies need to institute leadership development efforts that will identify potential leaders in their midst and give them the management training they need to become leaders. Such leaders will be more effective because they know the team and are capable of working with it. There will be no getting to know you period.

How to Identify Potential Leaders in Your Midst

A good way to identify candidates for leadership training programs is to ask your employees. Employee surveys can be used to poll team members and discover the individuals who get the most trust and respect from their coworkers. Those persons are potential leaders and often become the most effective managers.

Unlike an outsider they will not have to work win the trust and respect of the team and the customers, because they already have it. That means such managers will increase employee engagement. They also already know the organization, the business, the processes, the technology and the customers. That means they can hit the ground running as managers and implement real change management.

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