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A lot of people are wondering why titanium cost less as compared to gold. There are several people who put value on this metal but later on will find out that it doesn’t really cost that much.

Titanium and gold are two unlike types of metals that are composed of different elements, and no matter how you look at them from any point of view they differ a lot in value. They can never be priced in a similar way. Both have their own uniqueness that makes them different.

Titanium, in most cases does not have much value as compared to gold. White gold for example is often a notch higher than the price of titanium. This metal is generally used to make regular jewelry in the likeness of gold, silver and palladium. Titanium alloy, unlike gold, can be used as a custom jewelry in its basic form. Gold will need the help of other metals to remain firm and hard.

Even if we say that titanium is less expensive when compared against nine carats of white gold, it may cost more if we take into account the labor cost to create a piece of jewelry in titanium. It is more complicated, for it is harder than molding gold, but it is more affordable when we measure it up against the price of platinum and diamond.

Titanium is more resistant as compared to other metals, and is too light. It is also used for making prosthetics. Titanium rings will feel much lighter than an 18 carat gold ring. Also, it does not cause allergies. So people who have sensitive skin are advised to try titanium custom jewelries. Titanium can be configured in bright colors like purple and black, so it looks even more modern than its basic form. Finally, titanium can be easily bought in large quantities whereas gold will cost a fortune when bought in the same weight.

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