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There are moments in our lives where we stop and ask ourselves a question: “When is the best time for us to sell our gold?” There’s a neighbor across the street who recently announced that they’re sponsoring a gold party. That means we can come in as guests and enjoy the cocktails on the side. In addition to it, we can leave the place smiling, because we got a good price for the gold we have in our hands. The real question is… when is the best time to part with your gold? Are you getting a good price for it? Are you happy with the price they are giving you when you want to sell it? These are just some of the questions that come into our minds when we want to sell the old jewelries we keep in our possession.
Gold prices appreciate a lot. The gold necklace our grandparents bought for $25 years ago may cost more than $1,000 now, when you have them appraised. The amount of gold we keep in our possession defines how prepared we are in case an economic slump happens to us. Letting go of the gold we keep will increase our liquidity and allow us to regain purchasing power.
There are some people who don’t have so much gold in their possession. They may have treasury bonds which also define their liquidity as consumers. Gold and treasury bonds react inversely when economic condition changes. During times of inflation, the price of gold goes up and it’s a wonderful time to sell them and gain from its pricing. On the other hand, treasury bonds suffer when inflationary signs start showing up. So people with treasury bonds get stuck with their papers and they have to wait until the economy gets up and going before they can exchange them and get a good price.
In some cases, people don’t know what to look for to find out if it’s really the right time to sell gold. One thing that you have to remember, when you encounter financial newspapers showing up these words: low rates, big deficits, quantitative easing, these are signal words that point to inflation. They’re the right trigger words to sell our gold. On the other hand, when newspapers start using these terms, it’s time to look at selling your treasury bonds and keep your gold: sluggish credit growth, big output gaps and alike, signal improvements in the economy. These terms indicate a deflation.
So far, economic trends change from time to time. The economy may not look good for now but eventually, all things will change. When it happens, you might want to consider what investment you will keep for now. Is it gold or treasury bonds? You take your pick.
For sure, when you want to sell your gold and get a good price for it, Gold Standard makes sure that every seller gets 100% satisfaction from the price we offer. We always give 110% price guarantee in the gold you sell. You are sure to get the highest appraisal all the time compared to what others will offer.

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