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According to the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry 22 kilograms of gold, worth about $785,000, was recovered from discarded cell phones collected in a campaign by the Japanese government.  The 22 kilograms of gold came from approximately 567,000 cell phones in an effort to recycle precious and rare metals in electronics.  In addition to the 22 kilograms of gold, 79 kilograms of silver, 5,670 kilograms of copper, and 2 kilograms of palladium were recovered from the cell phones.  The efforts of Japan’s government is a prime example of a movement called “urban mining” which refers to acquiring precious metals from recycled electronic devices including computers, televisions, and calculators.  It is estimated that Americans have millions of old cell phones sitting in their homes, a potential gold mine.  If you’re looking to sell your gold, silver, and platinum items contact The Gold Standard and turn your gold into cash.

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